Do you feel that your brand needs to show a little more heart? Wonderful! We at Kuf create smart and meaningful concepts that can help you change things for the better.

We call ourselves Kuf (Swedish word for someone who dares to go their own way), because we think all good change is about standing up for yourself and daring to do something different.

There is so much we can do together – because we are different.


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The Best Place

You are obviously doing something fantastic. Still, it may not be easy to change things, at least not at the rate you want …? Did I hear a sigh? No worries. 🙂 <3

With Kuf you can easily find and create a memorable place in people’s hearts, as well as in the world. The most valuable thing you can do (if you haven’t already) is to take your brand to a wonderful place, which is just yours and where no one can compete with you.

Before we begin this romantic journey, it may be good to chisel out a business platform – your Business Concept – together. It is an incredible tool that unifies teammates and stakeholders about what to do, how and why.

A Brand Position can then help you create your own micro-cosmos in the consciousness of your fans (and skeptics) – and give you leeway for change. On a small scale or large scale to the extent you want and dare to dream.


Our Brainy Concepts give you all the power of thought you need.

Kuf Brand Concepts – the worlds most useful branding platform.