Yes, you want to make things happen! Awesome! Kuf delivers smart and useful concepts that help you stand out and save the world. 

The more you get to know your immense superpower, the faster you can succeed with your good “mission”. Kuf’s superpower is to help you use your super powers in a way that ridicules the villains and ignites you teammates.

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Quick decisions are needed, and yet they need to be carefully thought out. That’s why we work with our practical model The Kuf Branding Table of Conceptual Elements. Through this system we can quickly map out everything good you have done with your brand so far, and put your finger on what element you need to improve.

Our analysis helps you to focus on the right things, right from the start.

A World-Class Brand – No Problem!

Our common goal is for your brand to be equipped with 100% conceptual platforms. If anyone is wondering why you choose to invest in first-class brand platforms, you can always ask: if you planned to fly to the moon and back, would you put yourself in a rocket that is less than 100% thought through? (Nah, we wouldn’t either! Hihi.)

How fast the rocket construction takes depends on only two things: how far the fine carpentry has come so far, and your budget. Either you fire off all the platforms directly, or we take one piece at a time. For example, you can choose to buy only “Business Concept” at first. Or combine different elements from different platforms to create maximum effect. 

When you then need to steer your unique vehicle, you will also need good fuel. These are all the different types of communication efforts that you make, to keep momentum going and take you ever closer to your own moon.

An action can be just as big or small. But it should always lead to a reaction in the form of positive change.

The more brand-building elements you have in place, the easier it will be. We leave the analysis room with what we have worked out and into the creative lab. Inside the lab, we conceptualise what you need to become a market leader.



Business Concept 

Identity Concept 

Communication Concept 

Kuf Brainy Concepts give you all the power of thought you need.

Do you need Kuf Brand Positioning to find a more profitable position?