So, you think there needs to be a little more thought behind your brand and how it communicates? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. Kuf creates smart concepts that helps you maximise positive change.

The only thing that’s required from your side is that you want (and dare) to act against the norm. 

We solve the rest together.

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How does it work?

You already know that you have a good business idea and that your business achieves – or has the potential to achieve – something that is beneficial to both your target groups and the world from a larger perspective. There are many challenges: you may be faced with strong counter-forces, too little time or resources, lack of renewal or, conversely, too many new ideas to choose from. You may find that your messages are inconsistent, that human behaviors are difficult to change, or that you do not reach out in an effective way.

When you work with Kuf, you get access to something unusual: a close partner who is as creatively talented as strategically experienced. We deliver what we call “brainy concepts”. Why?

To begin with, it is smart in itself to work with concepts. Everything that has to do with your brand should follow the same direction and basic concept: from the very core of your business, to the smallest traceable particle that you send out and affect the world with.

Furthermore, brainy concepts are not like any concepts. A brainy concept is extra efficient because we make sure it is:

Intelligent: carefully researched and cleverly thought out that it is perceived as so obvious and simple.

Loveable: feels alive and irresistible and has a good purpose. 

Usable:  easy to implement and act on. 

All of these aspects are equally important to achieve a positive change. Please study our cases below where you can find examples of different kinds of brainy concepts.


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