Going forward by taking baking back 

Identity- & Communication Concept: 1926

In collaboration with Zellout

In 1926, Greta and Knut Eriksson opened a fine bakery, which was soon named Skogaholm. In 1945, they became unique in delivering bread to the entire country. Kuf and Zellout have developed an overall communication concept for one of the largest investments in the bakerys history; a whole new way of baking bread with artisanal qualities on a large scale. When the new breads were created, Kuf & Zellout developed the position “Bread crafts for the whole of Sweden”, created the packaging design, named the breads and packed everything into a tasteful communication concept for the store. It became one of Skogaholm’s most successful launches of all time, and the breads continue to set sales records. Hurray!


Kuf & Zellout: Brand Strategy, Concept Development, Packaging Design, Art Direction, Copywriting & Photo Directing

Fabian Björnstierna РFood Photography

Monica Eisenman – Food Styling & Recipes